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How To Grow Succulents

How To Grow Succulents

Oct 11th 2022

The question all plant lovers want to know is how do you grow succulents? Well luckily growing succulents is much easier than pronouncing their technical names such as Adromischu, Dinteranthus or how about the popular and easier to pronounce succulent Echeveria. The one thing we can all agree on is that succulents are addicting and one plant is never enough. Some varieties are easier to grow than others and I find that most succulents thrive better indoors placed near a window while other varieties like it better outside under my partial shaded porch.

Here are some quick tips to growing and caring for succulents.

Drainage - Use a pot with a drainage hole or soil that has perlite or small rocks mixed in to help with drainage. It will help to prevent root rot

Soil - Use cactus soil or potting soil with perlite

Watering - Over watering succulents is the number way that plant lovers kill succulents. I find that watering my plants every 3 weeks works best for my plants. With that being said I have gone even longer than that and my plants did just fine. And I have also watererd more often than that and my plants died. So the moral here is less is more when it comes to watering.

Sunlight Placement - Place your succulents indoors near a window that does not get to hot to to cold. Turn your pot around occasionally to ensure each side of the plants are getting water. If you notice your plant is not doing well indoors then try placing your plant outdoors in a partially shaded area that does not get to hot to to cold and see if it likes it better.

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