How To Care For Succulents

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Succulent Care

PLACEMENT: Lighting is very important when it comes to succulents...we recommend placing you arrangement near a window with bright light but not direct sunlight heat or cold.  

WATERING: Best watering practice is less is more...I water my plants once a month. If your plants are outside and in a hotter environment you would need to water them more every 2 weeks. Helpful tip *Succulents hold water in their leaves and do not require a lot of water... over watering is the number one cause of death. I use a water bottle with a spout to water my plants...I avoid getting the leaves wet and try to water directly into the moss or soil. 
TRIMMING & REGROWING: As your plants grow they will get taller and leggy and will need to be trimmed.  Did you know that you can trim the top of your plant when it gets to tall and replant it in another pot and create a whole other plant. It's the gift that keeps on giving.  You can also propagate new plants by pulling off leaves and allowing them to grow. You can find how to videos on Youtube search:  "Video How to Propagate a Succulent"
REPLANTING: In the next few months you may need to replant the succulents in larger pots as they grow. We recommend using a cactus potting soil (Found on amazon, your local nursery or home improvement store) or regular potting soil with a mix of pearlite for drainage. I prefer r to use pots with a hole on the bottom for drainage when I repot my plants.